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Today's Date
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If hired, can you provide proof of your legal right to work in the United States? *
Are you at least 16 years old? *
As part of the employment process, you will be required to submit to a drug screen, reference check and background check. Is this acceptable to you?
Have you been terminated from a previous employer for violating company policy or for misconduct? *
Do you have a High School diploma or GED? *
Do you have a reliable means of transportation to and from work?
Do you have experience working in a retail and/or customer service environment? *
Do you have experience working in the hardware or building supply industry? *
Are you willing to work a flexible schedule that may include some evenings, weekends and holidays, excluding any time off that you are entitled to under law? *
Do you have retail sales experience? *
Do you have experience setting and revising merchandise presentations? *
Are you willing to work in a position where you are responsible for achieving daily and weekly sales and performance goals? *
This position will involve stocking, maintaining and selling merchandise within an assigned sales department. This may include mixing paint, cutting glass, pipe and keys. Is this acceptable to you?
Are you willing to assist in maintaining the store appearance by cleaning, straightening and stocking merchandise, while also servicing customers? *
Do you have training and/or business experience using a personal computer? *
Is having challenging work goals more stressful than motivating to you? *
Do you feel you can be still successful without setting goals? *
Do you prefer to be told what to do rather than take the initiative yourself? *
Do you set daily work goals for yourself? *
Do you have very defined long-term goals? *
Do you enjoy trying to meet goals set by someone other than yourself? *
Do you enjoy working with others more than working alone? *
Are there certain types of people at work that you do not get along with? *
Is it OK to stop what you are doing to help a co-worker? *
Does it bother you to ask for help when you need it at work? *
Is it OK to argue with a customer if you are sure they are wrong? *
Are there times when your work is more important than helping the customer? *
Does dealing with customers sometimes get in the way of getting a job done? *
Are you comfortable working independently, without direct supervision? *
Can an employee’s personal appearance make an impression on a customer? *
Do you need to be upbeat at work even when you’re having a bad day? *
Do you think it’s OK to be absent from work from time to time? *
Do you feel more comfortable working with close supervision? *
Have you ever called in sick just to get a day off? *
Can you handle the stress that comes with a lot of responsibility? *
Are there times when it is acceptable to bend company rules? *
Should a good employee who steals less than $5 be given a second chance? *
Are you uncomfortable being responsible for money and valuable merchandise? *
Can managers sometimes break company rules? *
Is unauthorized discounting merchandise at the register the same as stealing? *
Should someone be fired for stealing something that is worth only $1? *
If you witnessed a co-worker stealing something would you tell a manager? *
Are you able to understand, read and write the English language? *
Are you able to understand and use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals etc.? *
Are you able to use a calculator? *
Are you able to be on your feet for your entire shift, up to 8 hrs? *
Are you able to occasionally lift and carry up to 50lbs? *
Are you able to understand and follow directions, written or verbal? *
Are you able to read, understand and effectively use measuring devices? *
Are you able to learn new processes and procedures? *
You will be responsible to take note of your work schedule and take responsibility for scheduled hours as posted. Is this acceptable to you? *
You will be required to report for work at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled shift. Is this acceptable to you? *